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About the Patrick Tucker

Patrick Tucker, 7-figure financial advisor, coach, speaker, and author, teaches you how to design, build and launch your own entrepreneurial financial planning business. After 20 years in the industry, he’s still in the trenches with you. He operates an elegant 7-figure financial planning practice and he’s packaged his philosophies into an easy to implement guide that helps you launch from start to finish.
"7-Figure Financial Advisor Secrets"
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For The Best Experience Please Remember To:
  •  Closeout distractions computer, and make sure you have the best possible internet connection. 
  •  Takes notes with pen and paper because what I'm giving away is information I normally charge for and it's a training you won't get anywhere else
  •  Turn off your cell phone
  •  Give it your full and undivided attention because it has the power to change your life
  •  Grab a sticky note and write yourself a reminder
  •  Set an alarm on your phone for when the webinar starts
  •  Ask co-workers, family and friends to minimize distractions

This Is Your Competitive Edge
  •   Designed for busy, ambitious financial professionals
  •  College-style classes by Patrick Tucker summarizing his simple business model
  •  Business cheat sheets, book summaries, video lectures, and a 17 chapter proprietary workbook
  •  Simple business blueprint
  •  How to get up and running fast and with ease
  •  Immediate impact (business, career, wealth, networking, leadership, influence, habit building etc.)
  •  Bonus workshops
  •  Members-only Mastermind Group (network with other like-minded individuals)
  •  Our learning materials are exclusively made for our members - NOT TAUGHT ANYWHERE ELSE!
  •  30-day money-back guarantee
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